Tip Weights

I previously supplied a tip weight that was rather long and skinny in an attempt to have its center of gravity match that of a typical driver head, about 0.9" from the tip of the shaft. With the advent of very large 300 to 500cc heads matching cg's became rather fruitless. My tip weight is now a straight forward 205 gram weight that matches the ASTM (American Standard for Testing and Materials) specification. The ASTM spec. was unfortunately never adopted by the shaft industry but at least this tip weight is an attempt at some degree of standardization. My original tip had a feature in which a laser could be attached directly to the weight itself. This had the disadvantage of not being able to attach a laser to a finished club. The laser holder below provides the versatility to attach it to a raw shaft or a finished club.

255 gram tip weight $20

A 255 gram tip weight to simulate the weight of a 5 iron is available.

454 gram tip weight $25

A 454 gram tip weight used for zone frequency measurements (see Tech Note 36). The Professional Clubmakers Society has made the 454 gram weight the zoning standard.

Laser Attachment $20

If you already have a tip weight, a laser is available that attaches directly to the shaft. It can be used with any tip weight or on a finished club. The laser comes as shown in the photo above, complete with holder and laser. Two sets of batteries (6 in all) are also included.

Laser $5

Pen light lasers are available for $5 complete with batteries. Battery life is between 5 and 10 hours. Extra batteries are 3 for $1.00.

Club Scout II, III, IV Accessories

Torque Measurement System

A static torque measurement device will be available shortly for those clubmakers who don't have a Club Scout III or Club Scout IV. Call for details.

Horiz. Vert. Twanging Mod $20

The Club Scout III frequency analyzer is normally operated in the vertical twanging orientation. Some club makers like to twang the shaft horizontally. Horizontal twanging also works a little easier with a gripped club. A Club Scout electronics box can be stood on end to facilitate horizontal twanging; however, the display will be upside down. A switch can be added to the electronics to allow the display to be flipped over thereby allowing the capability to twang either way to your heart's content without having to stand on your head. If you're ordering a Club Scout and would prefer to do all your twanging horizontally, an internal mod can be made to flip the digits at no cost if done at the time of purchase.

Universal V Block $30

A new 5" upper V block is available which will allow clamping of any diameter shaft and also make possible the FM Precision CRC short clamping length technique.

Dual Cylinder Pneumatic Clamp $350

A pneumatic clamp is available which will accommodate all clamping requirements for gripped or ungripped clubs, zone frequency measurements as well as the short 2 7/8" CRC clamping length. Go to the Instructions Tab at the top of the page to view a photo and the clamp's operating instructions.

Frequency Analyzer Components

Several of the Club Scout components can be purchased separately. The Clamping Unit is heavy; S&H $11. The rest can be shipped for $5.

Clamping Unit $125

Electronics Unit (CS III) $175

Torsion Arm and Bearing Bracket $100

Wall Power Unit $5

Jr. Club Scout Accessories

Battery Holder $3

The Junior Club Scout is designed to be powered from a 9v transistor battery. It should have a life of 5 to 10 hours. A battery holder that handles 6 AA size batteries and will plug directly into the 9 v battery cable. AA batteries are generally less expensive than the alternative and the six calls will give about five times the service life. If you need a quantity of these holders for some other application you might contact Mouser Electronics.

Shipping for most accessory items is $5. See specific items above for exceptions.

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