What clubmakers have to say about the Club Scout III

Some of these are notes I received while others are responses to inquiries as to what frequency analyzer to buy by club makers on the Shoptalk and Spinetalk chat rooms.

The Club Scout was fantastic, now I can do lots of things that were not possible before. Especially, the torque. Pretty impressive stuff when a customer comes in.

Jef Goh, Falcon Golf Technology, Singapore

I have a Club Scout III and feel it is a great product.

Jeff , Sitting Duck Custom Golf

I have A Club Scout III and it is the best I've seen at any price!

Ed Johnson, "Spinetalk" Moderator

I can recommend the Club Scout III as well as anyone else who uses it. An excellent machine which in areas surpasses all others. No more I can say that I do not feel that you can go wrong in ordering a Club Scout III.

Mark Patton, Orlando, FL

I purchased the Club Scout III as my first frequency machine in January. It is very easy to use and provides consistent results. I use it on every club I build. I have not used the torque measuring feature much except to experiment a little but it also seems relatively easy. I would recommend this machine without reservation.

Jeff Hayes, Salinas, KS

I have had my Club Scout III for about 2 years now and love it. Every shaft is gripped with the same pressure as the clamp has a ratchet built in that slips once it has achieved the set pressure. Very easy to use, durable and accurate. John Kaufman is a good guy to do business with and stands by his product. I build approximately 15-20 sets per year and 60-80 individual clubs per year and it works for me. The guys on Shoptalk were the ones that convinced me to give the Club Scout a try and I have never regretted it.

Tom Byer, Calgary, AB , Canada

The Club Scout III is a great piece of equipment and is working great.

Paul Ott. Wichita, KS

My compliments on the workmanship and quality of the CSIII. What a great addition to my workshop.

Fred Eoff, Shoreline, WA

I have a GS freq analyzer as well as a Club Scout, I can confirm that the Club Scout is every bit as accurate as the GS unit, if not more so, and it offers the ability to test torque very accurately. I have had the pleasure of discussing different aspects of testing shafts and utilizing different equipment with John Kaufman on a number of occasions, John is a very nice guy and very knowledgeable! Can't lose with John's equipment! (thanks dad)

Bill Abbott, Mashpee, MA 1999, 2000 GCA Eastern US Clubmaker of the Year :-)

Go with the Club Scout III, you won't ever be sorry. It's the only one on the market that also measures torque.

Richard Kennedy, Pawley's Island, NC

Economical, easy to use, accurate, and comes with an accessory that allows you to test shaft torque.

Richard Takai, Vancouver, BC, Canada

I received my CS III yesterday. Your product is much more versatile and streamlined compared to many of the other analyzers I have seen.

Richard Wong, Scarborough, Ontario, Canada

The Club Scout works great!

Chris Stricker, Rockford, IL

John Kaufman's Club Scout III is as good as you can get at a good price or at any price.

Harold Still

The Club Scout III arrived Friday and I haven't got the installation all finished but did run it though a short test and was very impressed with how much easier it is to use than my other machine. I am very pleased that I made the purchase and know that I will enjoy the unit more as time goes by.

Bob Boone, PCS Class A Clubmaker