The Club Scout IV

The Club Scout IV is a minor hardware and somewhat more significant software modification to the Club Scout III. The Club Scout IV measures frequency to a tenth of a cycle per minute. An additional push button is installed on the electronics unit. After getting a normal three digit reading of a shaft's frequency the button can be pressed and the digits will be shifted to the left one place. As an example the initial reading might be 250cpm. When the button is pressed the display might change to 49.8. Meaning the precise shaft frequency is 249.8cpm.

Testing has shown that with consistent twanging the frequency will easily repeat to a tenth of a cpm. This feature is totally unnecessary in matching a set of clubs. Where it is useful is finding the minimum and maximum frequency areas of the shaft to do a proper job of spine alignment. FLO will occur at these points and measuring frequency to a tenth allows a more precise location of the spine and neutral axes of the shaft.

The Club Scout IV sells for $389 plus $14 for shipping and handling in the U.S.

A Club Scout III can be upgraded to a Club Scout IV for $60.

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