NOTE 20: Horizontal or vertical twanging: The Club Scout and most other frequency analyzers are designed to measure the shaft while oscillating in a vertical plane. The Digi Flex on the other hand measures oscillations in the horizontal plane. There is no technical advantage of one over the other. The results will be identical. One clubmaker, the famous Ed Johnson of "Spinetalk" fame, said because of space limitations in his shop he wished his Club Scout III could be used with the shaft oscillating in the horizontal plane. He proceeded to set the electronics box on its end and twang the shaft in a horizontal plane. This worked fine except the display is now upside down. He contacted me to ask if the display could be physically flipped around. It can't but you'll notice in the pictures of the CS II and CS III that the displays are actually reversed from one another. This is done in the software and controlled by a simple program jumper wire. By simply changing this jumper the display will be flipped upside down and the CSIII can be used in the horizontal mode. If you have a CS III and wish to have it changed send me the unit and $5 to cover the shipping and I'll change the program pin for you and return the unit by priority mail. If your ordering a new unit and want this change let me know, charge. If you're handy with a soldering iron and promise not to wreck anything I'll send you instructions on how to do it yourself. Remember that in this mode it becomes a bit messy to measure torque. If you want to switch back and forth between the two modes I can install a selector switch for $20.