NOTE 8: The Club Scout II and III units will directly measure the torque of the shaft by determining its torsion vibration frequency. A very precise and fairly cheap way to measure torque the old fashion way (my bias is showing) can be accomplished with a laser pointer. First the butt of the shaft must be rigidly clamped. Support the tip of the shaft vertically and clamp a foot long rod at right angles to the tip. Attach a laser pointes to the one-foot rod that you've attached to the tip. Project the laser beam onto a ruler some distance away, ten feet or more. Now add a one pound weight to the end of this rod and measure the beam deflection on the ruler. Torque can then be computed:

Torque = Deflection x 57.3 / Distance to Ruler

Be sure both the deflection and the distance to the ruler are measured in inches. With a bit of care torque can be measured to a few hundredths of a degree. Of course a CSII or CS III will give to you to a tenth a lot quicker.