Spine Alignment

NOTE 22: I tried another spine alignment test with some interesting results. A number of clubmakers recently reported very good results with very poor shafts when the spine was properly aligned. These shafts had frequency variations of up to 15 cpm! I checked with my local shaft purveyor and tried to buy the crummiest shafts I could find. Unfortunately their worst shafts were pretty good. I sorted through a pile of them and found two that had an eight cpm variation. One had a weak axis of 250 cpm (other axis at 258) and the other a strong axis of 250 cpm (other axis at 242). I built two identical drivers with both 250cpm axes pointed at 9:00. In one case the strong axis was at 9:00 the other the weak axis at 9:00. I tried a blind test and the weak axis at 9:00 was definitely the preferred alignment.