TECH NOTE 27: There has been much discussion about testing heads and shaft combinations and the possibility of a quick disconnect head. Others have claimed this isn't very feasible and I tend to agree. I'm fortunate enough to belong to a local club. The clubhouse is closed on Mondays as is the bag room and pro shop, however the course is available but the workmen have the right of way. I've had good luck testing shaft and head combinations in this fortunate environment. I pick a nice flat open hole as my "driving range". I take a dozen new balls (or more) and number them. I hit the balls and record each shot on a 1 to 10 basis. One being a whiff (haven't had a one yet) and 10 being "dead solid perfect". After I hit the last ball I use a torch and my head puller, C clamped to the tee bench, to pull the head. I then do my thing whether it is changing the shaft orientation, changing the shaft or changing the head. I put the club back together with five-minute epoxy (I haven't had this epoxy let loose yet but I don't use it of course on a regular set of clubs). By the time I retrieve the balls, record their distances (the sprinkler heads make this pretty easy) and get back to the tee the club is ready to go again. I have a lot of fun doing this but the occasional golfer or workman that comes by thinks I'm a bit nuts.